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Arley Steinhour

Profile Updated: July 21, 2018
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Class Year:
Residing In:
Bartley, NE USA
Leana M. Lofton Steinhour (Ex)
Since 2010, 'Christian Poet,' www.mccookgazette.com/blogs/1580 (over 3,000 now)
Ricky D. 1959 McCook, NE
William A. 1961 McCook, NE
Michael C. 1962 Mccook, NE
Joseph L. More…1966 Vallejo, CA
Rebecca M. 1969 Vallejo, CA
Military Service:
U.S. Navy (22 yrs)  
Yes! Attending Reunion

Since graduation and joining the Navy, in 1956, my life went into Hyper-drive, and continued until I retired, disabled, in 1996. In that short 40 years I: retired from the Navy, as a Navy Chief, having served on 4-surface ships, from Sub Tender, Destroyer, to Aircraft Carrier, also 5-submarines, my first one being a ‘WW-ll diesel/electric (pig boat, which I loved),’ then, 2-nuclear missile, 1-experimental, working in deep ocean science, and 1-spy sub, Either on, or under the sea, I crossed the equator four times, went to the North Pole once, under the Arctic ice flow;
proudly served: Viet Nam, and a couple other 'police' actions.

I also filled a few years as a plumber; projectionist; builder; scout leader; counselor; farmer; insurance salesman; Real Estate broker; and elected public servant.

Blessed by my home time, I was fortunate to be the father of five wonderful children. (Military wives, especially 'Navy,' must be very unique in their abilities, as they are too often and too long wearing two hats of parenting, while the other parent is serving country in far off and exotic places (like under water, up in the sky, etc). I was fortunate that we all could focus on the good times in life.)

Since retirement, I now spend my week-days mostly on my PC, either studying God's word, or participating in Faith Forums; striving to understand and help others to come to and understand our Messiah. The time is very short, as I see the events coming to pass, unto the soon return of Jesus. (I still have excellent use of my voice, and use it to sound the Good News.
Saturday and Sunday, I celebrate Sabbath, and then the Lords day, plus the other five as Praise-Days. Ah, What a way to enjoy mortality.

After graduation, in 1956, one of the first things the U.S. Navy taught me was that I was not as stupid as I had thought myself to be, by teaching me something I absolutely knew I could not learn: Morse Code. I learned it. With that lesson learned, I became an addict to learning. Life at sea also taught me that one could be a 'Jack of all Trades,' but instead of being a 'master of none,' we could actually become 'master of most;' and Away I went. To all the wonderful tax paying citizens, I thank you for feeding my addiction. This is what I enjoyed, and you paid for.

In latter June, 2018, I was apprised that My longevity will be cut shorter than hoped for, by ‘Malignant Spindle-Cell Carcinoma of the Lungs (an event of about 0.4% of events of Lung cancer, seemingly attacking both sides, and the volume of mass in the left lung, 15.5cm, probably gives me less than Six months of mortality left in my ability to age. I just might be ‘Graduating Home to Jesus,’ on or near my Birthday of 80 years (Biblical, Psa_90:10 The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away. (KJV)). I’m even Blessed by God/Jesus in my Dotage.

As Elvis would say: 'Thank-ya-vereh-mush.'

School Story:

From barely a Member of the First Graduating Class at the 'NEW' High School, on West 7th St. (No longer called the 'NEW' High School, by the present students) But in our hearts, the Class of 56, it will be NEW, forever, or until we forget through aging, which ever comes first. Most of us would probably say we Loved the Old HS almost as much. Each had it's own character to be rememberd.
I graduated from Grossmont College in 1973, with AA in English, and Psychology. After Retirement from the Navy, in 1979, I attended McCook College, ending in 1984 with AS and AA in EMT, and a number of other avenues of learning, Business, Agriculture, Computer programming, Art (Water Color, Oil, and Clay). Not desirous of any Higher credits, my history is Eight years of College, and Eight years of High-Tech-Naval training, plus, Insurance, and Real Estate Broker.
I have been Blessed with a number of areas of expertice.

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Arley Steinhour has a birthday today.
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Arley Steinhour has a birthday today.
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Arley Steinhour has a birthday today.
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Arley Steinhour has a birthday today.
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Arley Steinhour has a birthday today.
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Jan 22, 2014 at 9:00 PM

Happy Birthday, almost done,
Hope you had a lot of fun,
I pray you're well, and in God's hands,
As, Soon, I think, we have new Wedding Bands.

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Posted: Jul 21, 2018 at 1:13 PM